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Perfect Lie

Wrap me up in your unfaithful lie,
your deceitful touch hunts me at night.
Tell me we'll be together until we die,
and I know you lie, but it feels so right...

Leave me in sorrow in this desolate place
and use me, abuse me with all your passion.
Dreaming of you is a near mind blowing grace,
so just for one night, it'll be our discretion.

Your touch as smooth as dutch velvet
your kisses as strong as mercury.
And underneath this starlight we'll be perfect,
as perfect as it can ever be... Perfect fantasy.

Le Marquis 2005
Another not so old poem by me,
this time not so corny but something
else. It's about a secret love about
deceit and passion...

written in 2005
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March 30, 2006
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